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Denison® Leadership Development Survey

We like using the Denison® Leadership Development 360 degree survey because the model is the result of over 25 years of research by Dr. Daniel Denison, formerly of the University of Michigan Business School, on the link between organizational culture and bottom-line performance measures, including return on investment, sales growth, quality, innovation and employee satisfaction. This model is the basis of two diagnostic surveys - the Denison® Organizational Culture survey and the Denison® Leadership Development survey.

The Denison® Leadership Development Survey, or DLDS, is a diagnostic tool developed by Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. and William S. Neale, M.A., M.I.L.R., that examines the relationship between leadership, organizational culture and organizational effectiveness It provides leaders and managers with feedback on a set of 12 leadership skills and practices that can impact bottom-line organizational performance.

The model measures four essential traits that all organizations and leaders need to focus on: Mission, Adaptability, Involvement and Consistency. Each of these traits consists of three indices (for a total of 12). The index items are derived from a series of individual survey items.

The Organizational Culture Model and Leadership Development Model share the same basic traits and indices. We often use both surveys when we are assisting an organization to implement a change. While the surveys and models can be used independently, organizations that use both tools have the unique advantage of being able to align culture and leadership initiatives.

Denison® Leadership Model

CLICK HERE for more information, and for examples from Denison's research group that demonstrate the relationship of the Denison model to various performance measures: return on assets, return on equity, sales growth and market value.

To view a short video "Introduction to the Denison Model and Organizational Culture Tool" follow this LINK.